Buy coffee. Help a Ranger. Save a Rhino


Carefully selected and crafted so that it’s, fresh, ethical and of the highest quality.


Option 1: Rhino Love Blend

Rhino Love Blend is the result of a collaboration of ideas between Rhino Horn Coffee and Rhino Love Project. Rhino Love is dedicated to Rhino conservation through raising awareness to donating to The International Anti Poaching Foundation.

The Rhino Love blend is 70%  Guatemala Renacimiento

Renacimiento Co-Op has 68 female members who work together to produce 300 bags per harvest. All their farms are shade grown and produce bananas as well as having a bee keeping program where they produce honey for export 30 % Tanzanian Marangu Co-Op

Grown in small batches on the idyllic mountain Mt Kilimanjaro this amazing coffee brings sweetness and delicacy to the cup.

Rhino Love blend has a creamy mouth feel and hints of raspberry, chocolate, and cherry


Option 2: Wild Rhino Beans

Growing wild under ancient jungle canopies in the highlands of Timor Leste. This coffee is 100% pesticide free and grown organically. This coffee not only helps rhinos and rangers in Southern Africa, but the purchase of the coffee supports Timorese farmers where the beans are grown.

The coffee has a great morning hit. Think spiced dark chocolate with a hint of caramel.


Option 3: Black Mamba Beans

This is a blend of coffee from Kenya and Tanzania. The Kenyan Kamuchi is a beautiful coffee bean grown in the foothills of

Mt Kenya and blends perfectly with the other coffee bean from the Kilimanjaro region in the village of Uru. This creates an exciting taste of Africa with sweet malt followed by a delicate floral aroma that permeates the senses and will instantly take you the peak of Kilimanjaro where you’ll be overlooking the serene African savannah. This coffee not only keeps the Rhinos wild but it helps the farmers growing the beans. The Black Mamba Beans have a bite to them just like the snake!