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No trip to Ethiopia’s historic city of Harar one of Islam’s holiest centres is complete without feeding the wild Hyenas.

Harar coffee is an almost forgotten coffee. Farmers that have traditionally grown coffee here are now destroying their crops to cater for the more lucrative crop, Chat. Chat is an amphetamine like stimulant when chewed and requires significantly less processing then coffee. Farmers can earn much more from Chat with less processing and without as many regulations.

In the Harar region, coffee is mostly dry processed, meaning the fruit is dried with the seeds inside. This process produces a cup that is bold and exotic with spicy tones such as cinnamon, blueberry and cardamom. Guji  coffee has also been selected for its aromatic fireworks. The prime soil and growing conditions make for some of the most beautiful, clean beans available in Ethiopia. lemon Lime zesty aromas. Deep and sweet berry cheesecake flavours.


tony macri

Tony Macri



Tony is a trusted advisor and founder of Coffee Bros in Mona Vale. He passionate about coffee with a conscious and has done amazing things for farmers in Vanuatu as well as giving so much of his time to the coffee industry in Australia.

Coffee Judge
Licensed Specialty Coffee Association of America Coffee Q Grader
Royal Agricultural Association of New South Wales Coffee Judge 2014/2105
Royal Agricultural Association of Victoria, Australia Coffee Judge 2014/2105
Melbourne International Coffee Awards Coffee Judge 2014/15
NSW Australian Specialty Coffee Association Roasters Guild 2013/14

National Head of Australian Specialty Coffee Association Roasters Guild 2104/15
Australian Specialty Coffee Association NSW & National Barista Judge 2014/15
Australia’s Cafe Culture Golden Bean Category Judge 2014
Australia’s Cafe Culture Magazine Golden Bean Category Judge 2015
Australia’s Cafe Culture Worlds Richest Barista Competition Judge 2015


Sourcing the finest Red Cherries with the community in Timor Leste.



Shannon is a former Australian solider who returned to Timor Leste to get involved in helping a community of coffee farmers he befriended while on operations there.

Starting from scratch he has since been able to harvest and improve the quality of the coffee while paying a better then fair trade.  He has also been able to implement and provide many social initiatives such as building schools, providing access to year round safe drinking water and providing medical supplies.

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In action building a school in Belumhatu which would later require water to be pumped to it. Fully funded by coffee sales and supporters.